The Cost of a House Rewire


Have you recently bought a new property that needs a total renovation and will be a long term project or does your current home need a major update so it stays strong for many years to come.

You may thing first of the visual things that is seen on a daily basis for instance the paining decorating and flooring. What goes on behind house wall should be taken into consideration before applying new wallpaper or tiles.

What goes on behind the walls, keeps you home lit up, heated and gives you the ability to use all of your electrical equipment. What we are refering to is your electrical wiring and how important that you have it checked out before making any major refurbishment decisions.

You would not want to spend a lot of money decorating the house then have to pull it apart due to needing some rewiring work which will add to the amount of money that you will have to spend.

Before you start the decorating process you should have all of your wiring checked out by a qualified electrician to make sure it is safe and can spot any repairs that may need attention so you can then get on with your new decor rearranging.

The reason being is that as some houses ar e quite old, they may not have any checks completed for many years. You may find out that something is unsafe or worst still a whole rewiring job may be needed at the worst.

The cost of this could cost around £4,000 if needed. You should get quotes beforehand and see what guarantee will be given after work is complete.

If you want extensive detailed information on house rewiring and electrical repairs by visiting the SOS electrical contractors London website.

Find out more about the different types of electrical services that you can have around the home you can start by by searching for you local company in your city or borough online.

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Airbnb management tips for Airbnb Hosts


Making the best out of your property is key as an Airbnb host. To make this happen you will need to be sensitive in how you manage your guests and Airbnb listing as the Airbnb is a community of diverse prospects. Here are some management tips you can use to maximize on your Airbnb host experience:

Create more Booking and Service Variations

airbnb-hot-tipsAs an Airbnb host, there is always the challenge of increasing views on your Airbnb listing. One strategy you can use to tackle this is by reducing the minimum days a guest can book to stay at your resort to one night. Making such changes shows your guest that you have a flex listing. You can also try to come up with more booking alternatives for your guests as the more service variations you offer, the more likely your booking will be noticed on the Airbnb listing.

Read about Airbnb host tips

Quick responses to Guests

Guests usually respond to their favorite Airbnb listing by communicating via mobile, email or social sites. Therefore, if you want to convert more suspect guests into prospect customers, you will need to be prompt in your response to booking requests and inquiries.

Be Professional and Stand by Your Promise

Once you have guest’s booked your place, it is important to ensure what they experience at your accommodation, matches with what they anticipated. This means providing all amenities that you promised to offer. When it comes to bookings, it is also advisable be orderly. Avoid cancelling bookings at the last minute as this will give you a bad reputation of being unreliable.

Get the Pricing Right

When t comes to pricing Airbnb always provides you with a property valuation calculator. This calculator is meant to help you determine the best way to price your listing. The actual price that Airbnb assists you to settle on depends on the your accommodation, services and proximity, in general. You can see more tips for Airbnb hosts

Communicate Clearly

As an owner and an Airbnb host, it is your responsibility to ensure that any form of rules is clear to your guests. If you have house rules, use the space on the Airbnb listing to expound on them. Furthermore, communicating on the rules and services you offer as a host presents an opportunity for you answer frequently asked questions by your guests even before they ask. If there is a parking or there’s no smoking in your compound, be clear on it.


Managing your guests as a Airbnb host can be easy if you follow the above simple tips and do more customer research.

Easier House Clearance London


You have decided to either move into a new house, downsize or the kids have moved out and you have opted to clear the house of some items.

  • House clearance can be a daunting task or exciting experience depending on how you approach the process. Clearing the house is now made easy with the existence of clearance companies in London. The question is what to look out for when deciding which company to approach for the task. You need a company that will allow you peace of mind and one that guarantees you great results. See more more about Quick House Clearance
  • Firstly you need to get value for money besides also being convinced that the company you hire to clear your house will do it in the most environment friendly manner as possible. Interestingly there are companies that will make you some money back as they clear your house. They achieve this through sorting out that which can be sold and once the sale is made the amount is then subtracted from your overall bill. This is an effective way through which savings can be made during house clearance.
  • One of the environmentally friendly ways through which house clearance is carried out is the process of recycling green materials. Normally clearance agencies will sort out items that can be recycled after which they take them to the appropriate recycling places and in the long run something new eventually comes out of what would have initially been relegated to the dumpsites. Usually wood and glass make it to the list of recyclable materials for flat clearance london.


Getting a house clearance agency is the easiest way through which you can get rid of unwanted or excess items within your household in London. Alternatively you can choose to donate some items such as clothes and toys to charity organizations as a way of giving back to society and helping the less fortunate. See for house clearance wimbledon

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What to consider when buying children’s furniture


Furniture can be an expensive investment. when buying furniture for children, its important to consider if it’s safe to be around them, will last after a few tumbles and if it’s appealing to them and practical to your needs. Follow these tips to help you when buying furniture. Children’s furniture needs to;

be colourfulchildren's-furniture-colourful

It needs to suit and be appealing to children’s bedrooms. It’s important that they like their room and want to play in there, so you get much needed time alone.
be sturdy

Children break stuff very easily. It is not practical to put a glass cabinet or table in a child’s room. If it broke it would also be very dangerous for them. Find furniture that can be wiped down too as we all know children love to scribble everywhere.
be wooden and plastic

Buy wood and plastic furniture which are ideal especially for children. If they are thrown about, they less likely to break, and they last longer.
have no sharp cornerschildren's-table-furniture

Make sure corners are rounded and smooth. children bump into things especially when very young. Save yourself the trip to A&E and make sure they’re furniture causes the least amount of damage.
not be too big

Large furniture is hazardous in a child’s room. If it is large, make sure it is fastened to a wall with a hook, like a big wardrobe. Get small drawers and tables and chairs to suit their size.
have two purposes

Space can be difficult to create in any home so try to get furniture that has 2 purposes. Get furniture that has a seat with storage compartment, or a bunk bed attached to a desk and chair. These are practical and save space. practical-children's-furniture

10 Awesome Interior Design Ideas For Contemporary Living Room


Your contemporary living room should get it right, not just by ensuring that you have gone for the right furniture, but also ensuring that the lighting is perfect. In any case, if you get it wrong on the kind of lighting solutions you for, then everything else will be affected. Poor and wrong lighting can be an interior design malfunction to say the least; at worst it can even affect your visual health when you have to squint often in order to see clearly.

These 10 awesome interior design ideas will go a long way in helping you out;

  1. Set moods with color; go for colors that will make the guests feel calm, relaxed, welcome, and in the right spirits. A shade of light blue combined with white for the living room will help achieve this with the help of interior designer london
  2. Use tiles; you can also try using tiles for the hallway leading to the contemporary living room, or on the fireplace. Tiles and natural stones always look unique, and enhance the architecture of the living room.
  3. Outdoor upholstery; traditional, tough upholstery was reserved for the outdoor furniture, but you can also use it indoors! Dining chairs covered with upholstery give a nice look to your living room.
  4. Bright curtains; bright colored curtains and drapes help more natural light to filter in.
  5. Artworks; get some big art pieces like paintings, and hang them neatly on the walls.
  6. Designer furniture; rather than mix and match furniture from all over, go for designer furniture from one shop.
  7. Inviting lighting; go for lighting that radiates comfort and relaxation, and inviting to your guests.
  8. Airy; besides ensuring that your contemporary living room is well lit, also ensure that it is well aerated. Fresh air helps those around feel more relaxed.
  9. White on white; contemporary living rooms always look great when white has been used all over, white sofas, white curtains, carpets, etc. However, the texture should vary so that the room won’t appear like a hospital room.
  10. Black steel; black TVs, black fridges; these are becoming more preferable compared to the traditional shiny steel.

Also see Tiles for living rooms.

Furniture Trends For Summer 2016


summer-furniture-2016Furniture Trends Summer 2016

It’s that time of the year to make quick makeovers to incorporate the hottest trends of 2016, and what better season to do this than summer! This means keeping your eye open for styles, colors, furniture and accessories that will make the largest impact for the next 12 months.

Ø  Style is increasingly becoming more of a personal choice than industry set parameters. The trend is for the homeowner to come together with a designer and create a personalized touch that fuses different elements that emphasizes the homeowner’s individualism. Customization is the key here.

Ø   Styles like Scandinavian and industrial will continue to make waves in homes globally; touches of tropical charm and vivacious prints will however provide a wonderful alchemy of the exotic and understated.

Ø  The world is turning to a more greener, cleaner and planet friendly lifestyle. Old furniture can be given a new lease by the incorporation of a little DIY-styled creativity. Vintage is the new hot in thing. Antique decor and accessories will give your home that magic touch that will turn your home into a dazzle. Use of 3D printing is the next new thing in eco friendly furniture manufacture. The design possibilities in this are endless. Hop in on the trend and be part of the new eco friendly green wave.

Ø  Make your living room more natural and less ‘plastic’ this year. Add an edge with eccentric artistically carved natural wood furniture. Add an extra touch of African elegance with weaved couches. It’s all about reuse, reduce and recycle but with a green tinge.

Ø  Minimalism is another trending style this year. Everyone responds to the luxury of space, but there are so many pieces of art and furniture that are hard to refuse. The best thing to do is distilling and refining your furniture down to what speaks to you and removing the rest.


Take advantage of one of these trends to create a statement in your home this summer.

Online Marketing can help any Business Build a Thriving Brand on the Web


Online-BrandBusiness owners know how much of a struggle it is to build a brand for their business. It requires hard work; from a thorough market study, to resources, among many other things. This therefore makes it hard for some to fulfill their dreams to entirety. This is where online marketing comes in. It eases the strain of the process considerably, making it easier for businesses to make themselves felt. As a matter of fact, Online marketing has immense benefits which include;

  • It reaches more people

Online marketing is able to reach more people than any other type of marketing. This is because with advancement in technology, most people spend their time communing with the internet than with anything else. More people have embraced the internet today than at any other time in the human history, and thus marketing your goods or services online makes perfect sense.

  • It is more affordable

Making a brand for your business is not an easy task; and to make it thrive is even harder. By embracing online marketing, you are able to reach more people easily, at little cost. Gone are the days when business owners would pay for adverts on TV, Radio Newspapers, and pay an arm and a leg for the same.

  • It saves on time

Doing things digitally certainly has its appeal. Things get done quickly and perfectly too. All you have to do is formulate a game plan and you are good to go as far as building a successful brand for your business is concerned.


It’s worth noting that it is online marketing that gives birth to a thriving brand, and not the other way round!


Without a thriving brand online that woos and attracts potential customers, your business is doomed to be outdone by those that have a vibrant online marketing strategy in place. With a that been said, if you are looking to build state or art super fast loading web platforms, you may check SeekaHost Hosting services that are designed to cater online marketers and entrepreneurs that are looking to build great brands on the web.

5 Tips for Getting an Accurate Property Valuation


Property-valuationWhenever you are setting out to get a valuation you must have some concerns as to the outcome. It is always honorable to ensure that you get the best outcome possible but only if it is derived from accurate values. It may look very difficult to manage this difficult fete but it is actually very easy. All you have to do is follow the simple rules of the game that have been in operation since time immemorial. These tips include;

  • Use a qualified assessor– whenever you set out to find an evaluator get one who is very qualified and who has papers to show that they are allowed by the government to carry out assessments.
  • Renovate the property– before you are scheduled to have the assessment, work on your property and renovate it to ensure that it looks appealing to the assessor.
  • Ensure full disclosure– make sure that you disclose to whoever is assessing your property as per the stipulations given. Answer questions honestly when asked.
  • Follow the procedure keenly– make sure that you follow the procedure of valuation very keenly. Don’t leave the assessor to it and just come back to get the feedback. It is important for you to be there every step of the way asking questions and clarifying on what they are unsure about.
  • Ask for diverse opinions– do not rely on the opinion of one expert. Everyone knows that man is to error and therefore it is good to countercheck the first status with other professionals in the field to avoid harboring false hopes.


Put your best foot forward during accurate property evaluations and with all the above tips you will get remarkable assessment results.


Don’t be afraid of assessments. Just prepare yourself fully and everything will work out just fine.

Choosing the Suitable Garden Furniture to Your Garden


Your garden can change the general exterior outlook of your home. Other than just planting flowers and plants, you must also consider finding the best furniture. How should you do this? Well, here are some tips to guide you through:

  • The quality

Your garden furniture will be subjected to harsh weather conditions. Hence, you should find quality furniture that will last for a long time. Hard wood, for instance, will look good and last for a long time. Still, some people may opt for long lasting metals such as wrought iron.

  • Style and theme

The furniture you opt for should be complementary to the style of your exterior décor. For instance, if you have painted the roof, the gate, or the patio in a certain color, your furniture should be painted in a completely color. Further, you must consider the theme in your home before buying furniture; whether contemporary, modern, or classic themes.

  • Size your garden

It is not wise to have a lot of furniture in small- sized garden. This is because you will be shifting the attention to furniture rather than to the garden. More often than not, one outstanding piece of outdoor garden furniture will be enough for the garden.

  • Budget

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy garden furniture. Thus, you can compare prices from various vendors and at the same time negotiate for a good price. Garden-FurnitureYou must, however, be careful not to end up buying low-quality products.


Finding the right furniture for your garden is easy. All you need to do is to consider elements such as the quality, the exterior style and theme, size of the garden, and your budget. You can see about Kartell furniture London for more detail and get the best Garden furniture.


You can find the best furniture for your garden from various websites. You can also seek for recommendations from your friends. Always find out about the reputation and legitimacy of the vendors before making the purchases.

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The Latest Modern Design Furniture


Modern-Design-FurnitureThe general outlook of your home or office depends on your choice of furniture. Your creativity in buying furniture can give your living space an excellent outlook even when space is limited. There are many furniture designs to choose from including traditional, modern, eclectic and contemporary designs. These designs keep changing over time as designers discover new ways of decorating homes and offices. If you are moving into your newly constructed home, or intend to change the furniture in your house, consider the latest furniture designs.

Here are some guidelines on how to find and buy the latest modern design furniture:

Take measurements of each room in your house

Before shopping for furniture, you need to know the space available in each room. There are excellent furniture designs that may not work well for your space. For instance, if your space is limited, you will need furniture designs that make your space appear bigger and not congested.

Shop for modern designs

Most furniture dealers advertise their latest designs on their online catalogues and websites. Visit the best furniture dealers like Calligaris furniture and find out what is available in the market.

Consider your budget

You must have a budget when shopping for modern furniture designs. You should settle for furniture within your budget. It helps to start saving early for furniture and to furnish one room at a time. If you desire the best modern design for each room, you can change your furniture progressively instead of settling for lower quality.

Involve an interior designer

It is advisable to consult an expert when changing the furniture in your home or furnishing a new house. Interior designers know how to work with all sorts of house designs and colors to give your home an excellent look.


Calligaris has been supplying quality furniture since 1923 and has a wide variety of furniture designs. Visit our online shop or any of our branches and discover the latest modern furniture designs. We will also advice you on the best design for your home.