10 Awesome Interior Design Ideas For Contemporary Living Room

Posted on May 24, 2016 By

Your contemporary living room should get it right, not just by ensuring that you have gone for the right furniture, but also ensuring that the lighting is perfect. In any case, if you get it wrong on the kind of lighting solutions you for, then everything else will be affected. Poor and wrong lighting can be an interior design malfunction to say the least; at worst it can even affect your visual health when you have to squint often in order to see clearly.

These 10 awesome interior design ideas will go a long way in helping you out;

  1. Set moods with color; go for colors that will make the guests feel calm, relaxed, welcome, and in the right spirits. A shade of light blue combined with white for the living room will help achieve this with the help of interior designer london
  2. Use tiles; you can also try using tiles for the hallway leading to the contemporary living room, or on the fireplace. Tiles and natural stones always look unique, and enhance the architecture of the living room.
  3. Outdoor upholstery; traditional, tough upholstery was reserved for the outdoor furniture, but you can also use it indoors! Dining chairs covered with upholstery give a nice look to your living room.
  4. Bright curtains; bright colored curtains and drapes help more natural light to filter in.
  5. Artworks; get some big art pieces like paintings, and hang them neatly on the walls.
  6. Designer furniture; rather than mix and match furniture from all over, go for designer furniture from one shop.
  7. Inviting lighting; go for lighting that radiates comfort and relaxation, and inviting to your guests.
  8. Airy; besides ensuring that your contemporary living room is well lit, also ensure that it is well aerated. Fresh air helps those around feel more relaxed.
  9. White on white; contemporary living rooms always look great when white has been used all over, white sofas, white curtains, carpets, etc. However, the texture should vary so that the room won’t appear like a hospital room.
  10. Black steel; black TVs, black fridges; these are becoming more preferable compared to the traditional shiny steel.

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