What to consider when buying children’s furniture

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Furniture can be an expensive investment. when buying furniture for children, its important to consider if it’s safe to be around them, will last after a few tumbles and if it’s appealing to them and practical to your needs. Follow these tips to help you when buying furniture. Children’s furniture needs to;

be colourfulchildren's-furniture-colourful

It needs to suit and be appealing to children’s bedrooms. It’s important that they like their room and want to play in there, so you get much needed time alone.
be sturdy

Children break stuff very easily. It is not practical to put a glass cabinet or table in a child’s room. If it broke it would also be very dangerous for them. Find furniture that can be wiped down too as we all know children love to scribble everywhere.
be wooden and plastic

Buy wood and plastic furniture which are ideal especially for children. If they are thrown about, they less likely to break, and they last longer.
have no sharp cornerschildren's-table-furniture

Make sure corners are rounded and smooth. children bump into things especially when very young. Save yourself the trip to A&E and make sure they’re furniture causes the least amount of damage.
not be too big

Large furniture is hazardous in a child’s room. If it is large, make sure it is fastened to a wall with a hook, like a big wardrobe. Get small drawers and tables and chairs to suit their size.
have two purposes

Space can be difficult to create in any home so try to get furniture that has 2 purposes. Get furniture that has a seat with storage compartment, or a bunk bed attached to a desk and chair. These are practical and save space. practical-children's-furniture

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