Furniture Trends For Summer 2016

summer-furniture-2016Furniture Trends Summer 2016

It’s that time of the year to make quick makeovers to incorporate the hottest trends of 2016, and what better season to do this than summer! This means keeping your eye open for styles, colors, furniture and accessories that will make the largest impact for the next 12 months.

Ø  Style is increasingly becoming more of a personal choice than industry set parameters. The trend is for the homeowner to come together with a designer and create a personalized touch that fuses different elements that emphasizes the homeowner’s individualism. Customization is the key here.

Ø   Styles like Scandinavian and industrial will continue to make waves in homes globally; touches of tropical charm and vivacious prints will however provide a wonderful alchemy of the exotic and understated.

Ø  The world is turning to a more greener, cleaner and planet friendly lifestyle. Old furniture can be given a new lease by the incorporation of a little DIY-styled creativity. Vintage is the new hot in thing. Antique decor and accessories will give your home that magic touch that will turn your home into a dazzle. Use of 3D printing is the next new thing in eco friendly furniture manufacture. The design possibilities in this are endless. Hop in on the trend and be part of the new eco friendly green wave.

Ø  Make your living room more natural and less ‘plastic’ this year. Add an edge with eccentric artistically carved natural wood furniture. Add an extra touch of African elegance with weaved couches. It’s all about reuse, reduce and recycle but with a green tinge.

Ø  Minimalism is another trending style this year. Everyone responds to the luxury of space, but there are so many pieces of art and furniture that are hard to refuse. The best thing to do is distilling and refining your furniture down to what speaks to you and removing the rest.


Take advantage of one of these trends to create a statement in your home this summer.

Tony Shaa

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