How To Maintain Your Door Locks

The longevity of your door locks is determined by several factors, chief among them being whether you bought high quality, reputable locks; but even with that there is one very important factor that is equally important; good maintenance. It makes no sense to invest in an expensive, high quality lock only for you to neglect it, not take good care of it. Door locks are like your car; for them to serve you well and for long, you’ll need to constantly ensure that they are in good condition. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost or take you much; you just need to constantly check the locks to ensure that they are functioning, and alerting a locksmith immediately you notice some fault.

  • One of the first steps towards maintaining your door locks properly is by ensuring that they are correctly fitted. Only a qualified locksmith should fit the locks; a badly fitted lock will suffer under the strain of the door’s weight, and won’t serve you for long. Worse, such a door may be easily broken into because the intruder always looks for weaknesses in the locks in order to break in.

    6 Keys to Proper Door Lock Maintenance | Angie’s List

  • Some locks will need to be oiled once in a while. Again, seeing that such locks may be complex and using complex technology, it is only paramount that yDoor-Locksou get a professional locksmiths to help in this. The oil has to be applied gently and at the right places to avoid leaving traces on the wrong parts. You don’t want your hands getting oily and greasy in the morning as you head to work just as you’re closing your door.
  • Most people have a habit of banging doors as they exit their homes or offices. Well, this is never healthy or recommendable for your locks. Banging doors may loosen or damage the lock and make it faulty earlier than it would if you didn’t
  • Lastly, you have to discourage little children from swinging on doors holding the lock handles! This imposes unwanted pressure on the hinges as well as damages the lock mechanism. A child’s weight is enough to tamper with the working and functioning of a lock especially if she hangs on to the door handle constantly.

Taking good care of your door locks is the surest way of having them serve you for long and without any hitches.

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