Airbnb management tips for Airbnb Hosts

Making the best out of your property is key as an Airbnb host. To make this happen you will need to be sensitive in how you manage your guests and Airbnb listing as the Airbnb is a community of diverse prospects. Here are some management tips you can use to maximize on your Airbnb host experience:

Create more Booking and Service Variations

airbnb-hot-tipsAs an Airbnb host, there is always the challenge of increasing views on your Airbnb listing. One strategy you can use to tackle this is by reducing the minimum days a guest can book to stay at your resort to one night. Making such changes shows your guest that you have a flex listing. You can also try to come up with more booking alternatives for your guests as the more service variations and customer rewards you offer, the more likely your booking will be noticed on the Airbnb listing.

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Quick responses to Guests

Guests usually respond to their favorite Airbnb listing by communicating via mobile, email or social sites. Therefore, if you want to convert more suspect guests into prospect customers, you will need to be prompt in your response to booking requests and inquiries.

Be Professional and Stand by Your Promise

Once you have guest’s booked your place, it is important to ensure what they experience at your accommodation, matches with what they anticipated. This means providing all amenities that you promised to offer. When it comes to bookings, it is also advisable be orderly. Avoid cancelling bookings at the last minute as this will give you a bad reputation of being unreliable.

Get the Pricing Right

When t comes to pricing Airbnb always provides you with a property valuation calculator. This calculator is meant to help you determine the best way to price your listing. The actual price that Airbnb assists you to settle on depends on the your accommodation, services and proximity, in general. You can see more tips for Airbnb hosts

Communicate Clearly

As an owner and an Airbnb host, it is your responsibility to ensure that any form of rules is clear to your guests. If you have house rules, use the space on the Airbnb listing to expound on them. Furthermore, communicating on the rules and services you offer as a host presents an opportunity for you answer frequently asked questions by your guests even before they ask. If there is a parking or there’s no smoking in your compound, be clear on it.


Managing your guests as a Airbnb host can be easy if you follow the above simple tips and do more customer research.

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